A Whore Like Me

I'm an easy slut and a frigid bitch. I'm everything you love and all that you hate.

What is it to own the label of 'whore'? Are we controlled into thinking we must say yes? Striptease, spoken words and smashed dreams.

Citalopram: A Love Story

When you get used to me I'm fine. Not for everyone, I accept that, but I'm really not that bad.

Meet Frank. He's having a tough time; and he's just ended a three year relationship... with his medication.

A rambling love story, from the pill's point of view.


It was cold. For a long time that was all I could think about. For a long time it was all I could remember.

How do you explain someone choosing to die? Words are not enough. A gentle, profound movement piece exploring guilt and love.


We have just one hour here together, one hour where you can tell the truth...

A one-woman cabaret about mental health: magic, music, movement and more glitter than you can shake a stick at.

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